Meraki Graphics has been a dream of mine for a very long time.
My Business, My Dream, My Own Boss.


My dream is now my reality - Meraki Graphics

It’s a road that isn’t simple but it’s my own amazing design adventure. A company where I can work and explore the many facets of design and balance life to enjoy my children, my family and grow professionally.


I’m sure you have heard this being said a thousand times - ‘If you want something done, ask a busy mum’. After 11 years of IT Consulting, I followed my passion and completed my Graphic Design Diploma. In that time I have married my best friend and had 2 amazing children.


From client relations, projects that challenge and push your creativity to seeing your final design printed is the reason why I strive to do my best. I chose a different path than what was planned and Meraki Graphics is most rewarding.


Meraki Graphics is here for you and your business. We learn your business and we are here to help you grow through Design. Our vision is to keep evolving through design and we will produce art that will represent your business for years to come.

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